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Cream for Skin's Fungus & Calm Itchiness

Pet Fungus cream for quick care of skin’s fungus as well as in between the claw. Recover damaged skin area. Nourish, soften and pain relief. Gain significant improvement after the first use.  

Natural treatment, high quality ingredients, safe and cruelty free.

Active ingredients effects:

Fungicidal property, tissue-repair and protective properties, have positive effects on inflammation. Shooting agent: Relief and reduce itchiness and pain. Minerals: moisture, boosts healing process of wound and irritated, cell renewing.​ 
Anti-irritant, support of wound healing.

Free of: Steroids, Paraben, Petrolatum, Mineral oils and SLS/SLES.

Volume 30ml/1.2oz

3. bottle remedial Fungus & Calm ltchiness.jpg
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