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Meet the family


All our products are free from harsh chemicals such as alcohol, parabens and steroids.
Smiley Pet pet care products are non animal ingredients or testing approval .

Pets products with Double effect, treatment and treatment preventive
A Family-Owned Business Serving Family Pets Worldwide
Living in a rural area, about an hour northwest of the Dead Sea, in the heart of Israel, Dana the lead founder and Shabi Ram raising their dog John John, as well as two young sons who love animals. The most important  job for them is taking care of their children and dog. Their love and dedication to this job was the catalyst for establishing Smiley Pet in 2008 and perpetuating the values and love reflected in their quality products.
Today, Smiley Pet serves family pets worldwide. Their products are available from distributors, retail chains, veterinarians and groomers who carry high-quality pet care products.
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