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What's Wrong with your best friend?

Whether you are cleaning an outdoor pet, an indoor pet after a day of playing in the mud or adopting a homeless pet, a heavy, dirty coat is fertile ground for microorganisms or microbes.

Smiley Pet's Heavy Dirty Coat Kit is a simple, 3-steps solution, for effective deep cleaning and conditioning your pet's skin and coat. All products contain natural ingredients, including Dead
Sea Minerals, natural oils, vitamins and extracts that will gently, but thoroughly cleanse and nourish skin and hair, adding liveliness, shine and natural elasticity. Following treatment, your pet will not only look and smell great... your best friend will feel great! problems.

You will clean, moisturize and nourish your pet's skin and coat with products enriched with Dead Sea Mud, Minerals and Salts, known for their healing,
soothing and moisturizing

properties, as well as balanced, natural oils and vitamins that restore skin's elasticity and the coat's vitality and sheen.

Everything you need in one Intensive Care Kit to deep-clean, condition and soften pet's skin and coat.
Pets products with Double effect, treatment and treatment preventive

All our products are free from harsh chemicals such as alcohol, parabens and steroids.

Smiley Pet pet care products are non animal ingredients or testing approval .

Love, Nurture Bonding for Life

Our pet products range specially designed for every step of your 4 legs friend and strengthen your bonding for life


Natural Joy - By Smiley Pet

Smiley Pet

Remedial - By Smiley Pet


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