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All our products are free from harsh chemicals such as alcohol, parabens and steroids.
Smiley Pet pet care products are non animal ingredients or testing approval .

Pets products with Double effect, treatment and treatment preventive
SMILEY PET Pet Care Tips

life Bonds

Brushing is like a massaging for animals, it’s bonding time which cheers them up and helps them with stress – an excess shedding factor.




In case of wounds, first clean the infected area with our shampoo.

From time to time the damaged tissue is hidden under the pet's fur, expose the wound under the coat, and then apply the cream.

To avoid wounds cream licking, take your pet to a short walk after applying the cream.

For healthy coat, after conditioning, dry the coat and brush it.

Coat -  Bath, nourish and maintenance

The traditional belief that cats and water don’t mix is a myth that can be disproved by accustom your kitten at a young age for a bath.

It is never too late to train your pet to love being bathed and brushed. Make it short and use his favourited treats.

Climate condition as heat and humidity hurt the skin and coat. Care and nourish your pet skin and coat.

Summer is the only safe time to wash your dog outside.

Excessive ear wax may cause hear loss, discomfort, pain or coughing. Care of it.

Itch and insects

To avoid pet's sensors nuisance use the spray outdoor or at wide spaces. For pets that dislike having spray applied directly on them, spray lightly on a cloth and then rub the cloth over your pet, or apply sparingly with a cotton ball around ears or other sensitive areas, avoid  the eyes, nose and mouth.

One of the itchiness causes are insects. Care of it all year, especially on warm weather.



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