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What's Wrong with your best friend?

If your best friend has a skin or paw fungus, it can lead to infection, damaged coat and bald spots from excessive scratching. Left untended, a fungus can spread, making your pet...and you...quite unhappy.

Smiley Pet's easy-to-use, 3-step Fungus Kit includes products enriched with natural ingredients, including Dead Sea Mud, natural oils and plant extracts to calm skin irritation and heal areas effected with fungus, while deep cleaning and nourishing your pet's skin and coat. Following treatment, your pet will look and smell great, while resuming healthy hair growth in spots scratched until bald.

Everything you need in one Intensive Care Kit to quickly clean and treat areas effected with fungus.
Pets products with Double effect, treatment and treatment preventive

All our products are free from harsh chemicals such as alcohol, parabens and steroids.

Smiley Pet pet care products are non animal ingredients or testing approval .

Love, Nurture Bonding for Life

Our pet products range specially designed for every step of your 4 legs friend and strengthen your bonding for life


Natural Joy - By Smiley Pet

Smiley Pet

Remedial - By Smiley Pet


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