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Ears Cleaning Spray

For wax removal


Double action wash & dissolve system / Prevents Ear plugging /Safe & effective


Smiley Pet  Mineral Ears cleansing is an effective safe and natural spray intended to dissolve and wash away accumulated ear wax. Excessive ear wax may cause a number of unwanted effects including hear loss, discomfort, pain and coughing.

It combines a mechanical wash compound with safety and efficacy of natural olive oil. It dissolved and gradually removed from the ear by using natural ear cleaning mechanism. The spray mechanism ensures perfect   dispersion in the ear canal.

This spray is easy-to-use sprayer, and pet friendly.No harmless when lickedFree of: Alcohol, Paraben. Petrolatum and mineral oil.


Fresh Breath Spray

Instant relief of bad Breath

Attacks all sources of bad breath /
Neutralizes sulfur-producing bacteria /

Easy to use

Smiley Pet spray eliminates bad breath. It combines natural essential oils with well known antibacterial and freshening properties to fight bad breath, that is not easy to destroy. With addition of a derivative of natural licorice extract – to soothe irritation caused by bacteria and add pleasant sweetish taste. The spray attacks all sources of bad breath and neutralizes sulfur-producing bacteria.

This spray is easy-to-use sprayer, and pet friendly.

Harmless when licked

Free of: Alcohol, Paraben. Petrolatum and mineral oil. 



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