Care of skin's problems /  Fleas and ticks care / Rosemary and tea tree oils / Extra perfumed

This product is a unique hypoallergenic formula enriched with Dead Sea Mineral mud especially deep cleaning, purify, thorough, efficient and anti-bacterial care of skin problems. It removes dirt, peels away dead cells and improves blood circulation. The Mineral Mud Bath also combines Jojoba Oil, natural gums and starches for skin and hair softening and nourishment, improves coat’s shine, essential oils such as Rosemary oil and Tea Tree Oil for antibacterial and insect repellent for fleas and ticks care, it is also extra perfumed.

The Mineral bath is very easy to use and can be repeated using it as much as needed.

It gives a lovely smell and thick texture.

Free of: Paraben, Petrolatum and mineral oil,  SLS/SLES.

Harmless when licked.​


Mineral Mud Bath

The black Dead Sea mud is homogeneou​s mixture of minerals. It is known for deep cleaning, purify and stimulating of the skin. It helps to relieve muscles and tensions and ease arheumatic pains.​

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