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Care for dry and damaged coat / For fleas & ticks care / Pro vitamin B5 / Extra perfumed​

This Mineral Bath is extra moist and softening, combine Dead Sea minerals helps clean and nourish the coat and skin. It contains natural betaine for deep moisturization and protection of skin and coat, plants extracts, essential oils and Pro-Vitamin B5 (D-Panthenol) to keep the skin and coat healthy, extra soft and extra moisturized.  Enriched with Aloe Vera for soothing skin, natural oils for fleas and ticks control and a unique extra perfumed. 

All for care for dry and damaged coat. The coat will look revitalized, shiny and lustrous, with softening and delicate touch. 

The Mineral bath is very easy to use and can be repeated using it as much as needed. It has a great smell and thick texture.

Free of: Paraben, Petrolatum and mineral oil.

Harmless when licked.

The Dead Sea minerals (27 of them!) are very famous as a source to health and beauty values from the hots spas. This unique lake gives us to many raw materials to serve our pets with love.​​​​​

Mineral Bath Extra Moisture & Softening

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