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Hair shedding control / Hair root build-up / Tea tree oil & Rosemary oil / Hypoallergenic 

Smiley Pet Mineral Revitalize is an essential hypoallergenic formulation of Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts to help reduce nonessential shedding for all pets. . It reduces excessive sebum, penetrates into the skin and quickly absorbed.  It works especially well on bald areas and improve hair condition.  It contains natural root ingredients for deep moisturize and improvement of skin elasticity;  special extract helps to enhance blood circulation for better coat recovery; Rosemary and tea tree oil for insect control.  When the pet is suffering after deep wounds, from insufferable itching, and the hair starts to grow and leave bold areas, this product will help the coat hair to grow healthier.

Massage gently into the scalp. Do not rinse. 

Free of: Paraben, Petrolatum and mineral oil.

Harmless when licked.

Mineral Revitalize

The Dead Sea is the world's richest source of natural minerals and salts, hiding wonderful treasures that accumulated throughout thousands of years. It is known for its healing effect on skin and coat.​

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