Melts the waste and dead cells / deep cleaning  / Fleas and ticks care / Based on medicinal plants / Extra perfumed

Smiley Pet Anti-Aging Mineral Bath is a deep and efficient cleaning of coat, hair pores and skin. This product melts away dead cells without damaging live ones. It works as peeling for skin and coat.

Mild surfactant system, which deeply cleanses without drying out or disturbing the skin's natural lipid balance. This Anti-Aging Mineral Bath contains AHA (Alfahydroxy acids) for gentle exfoliation and moisturization, Vitamins E and C. This is a mixture of essential oils for natural defense against disturbing insects.

The Mineral bath is very easy to use and can be repeated using it as much as needed. It has a relaxing unique smell with gentle texture.

Free of: Paraben, Petrolatum and mineral oil, SLS/SLES.

Harmless when licked.



This high mineral content in the Dead Sea is responsible for the healing effect on skin and coat aging, it is highly effective in returning the skin's natural elasticity and moisture levels, and can even reduce wrinkle depth.

Mineral Anti-aging Bath

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