For itching & irritated skin care / Effective immediately / Pure Aloe Vera / Shea butter 

Smiley Pet mask offers immediate care and relief of itching and irritated skin in cases of damage in the inner levels of the skin and dandruff in the upper tissues. This mask contains special effective ingredients  for itchy and dandruff control; Aloe Vera, Natural uniqueingredients for soothing inflammations and Shea butter for deep nourishment and moisture.

Spread once a day on the infected area only until relief. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse or wipe.

Free of: Paraben, Petrolatum and mineral oil.

Harmless when licked.

Mineral Care Mask

Dead Sea Salts and minerals have a positive impact as a therapeutic skin treatment. The mineral content helps to rebalance skin metabolism through.

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