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For tired and painful muscles / For relaxing after exertion / Pure Dead Sea Salt / Aromatic oils

Smiley Pet Mineral Energy Salt special formula is great for tired and painful muscles, also for relaxing muscle and relieves muscle aches, leaves the pets' skin and body refreshed, moist and soft. Our salt contains pure Dead Sea salt, Avocado, natural essential  oils to soften the skin.

For mature pets and for fatigue it is recommended to use twice a week.  Mix the salt with lukewarm water. The Mineral salt will melt into the water.  Let the pet stand up or lay in the water. 

Free of: Paraben, Petrolatum and mineral oil.

Harmless when licked.


Mineral Energy Salt

The high concentration of 27 minerals in the Dead Sea Salt was instrumental in improving skin hydration and reducing inflammation, can relieve allergic reactions by cleansing and detoxifying.  This product is enriched with aromatic oils.

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