For all wound and damaged skin / Effective within 60 second / Renews collagen / Harmless when licked 

Smiley Pet brings an excellent home-first-aid. This S.O.S. cream aims for all wounds and damaged skin, speeds closure of wounded areas, fast recovery of sores, injuries and bruises and renewal of collagen. The S.O.S. cream also treat pet’s skin problems such as irritation, rashes, eczema, stings, sores, pet’s cracked paws.  It is based on 100% natural Dead Sea minerals and herbs, special extract and effective ingredient for anti inflammation, Aloe Vera, Vitamins C and E and unique extract for faster wound healing; Natural oils and butter to soften and nourish the damaged skin and essential oils.  Results are phenomenal and are achieved within few applications.

Spread on the effected areas until the wound closes and heals.

Free of: Paraben, Petrolatum and mineral oil.

Harmless when licked.

S.O.S. Mineral Pet Cream

The Dead Sea is known as a real fountain of youth, and its therapeutic powers are miraculous.

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